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Ricardo Montana, Son of Scarface, revenge his dad, Tony Montana - Scarface, after being killed by druglord

ISBN: 9780578607191

ISBN: 9780578607191


After constantly being berated by Tony, told she was good for nothing and that she couldn't have kids cause her insides were polluted, Elvira left him and fled town. During Elvira's leave, Tony was dealt a hand that would leave the two of them permanently separated, for death precluded the reconciliation of any differences.


Upon hearing of Tony's demise, Elvira returns to the scene of the crime. Shocked and dismayed by the turn of events, she decides to relocate again. This time for good. But not before she does what she has to to make sure her welfare was secured. 


Two weeks later, Elvira finds out that she's two months pregnant with Tony's child. After settling into her new environment, seven months later, she gives birth to a healthy baby boy. Whom she names Ricardo Montana, and affectionately calls Ricky.


With Tony dead and gone, Elvira is left to raise their son on her own with no one to protect them from the potential threat of danger from Tony's enemies. She intends to do just that herself. And keep her child away from the elements that destroyed his father and almost destroyed her.


But when Ricky grows up and finds out what happened to his father, Elvira's motherly instincts may not be enough to prevent her son from setting out on a path of destruction. "Scarface" was a monster. But The Son Of Scarface" is a beast!

About the Author

Karvanthium Wild is the pen name of Reginald H. Ware, aka Kyyiis Justice. He was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. He is the son of Constance Yvonne Ware & Michael Anthony Simmons.

Karvanthium is an up and coming master of prose whose literary genius is beyond compare. His aspirations are to be considered amongst the rungs of the best writers in history on the literary ladder of success. He has penned a bevy of novels, out of which,

"The Son Of Scarface, Montana's Revenge" is the first to be released. He continues to write prolifically. Look for his next upcoming release, "The Devil's Son," coming soon.

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