Mike Jones, Who? Mike Jones!  Not the hip-hop artist Who? Mike Jones.  The real Mike Jones, often referred by close friends and industry colleagues, was raised, mentored, and influenced by a village of American Urban Entrepreneur pioneers worth a combined wealth of over $1 billion in the broadcast, financial, entertainment, and food industries. He begun his noted career in 1994, quickly became knowns and listed as a marketing guru, businessman, and philanthropist based in Washington, D.C.


Mike Jones, guided by three decades of superior business experience, was born with a passion for achievement, leadership, and entrepreneurship.  He has an expert track record of creating innovative and engaging brand campaigns highly noted for revenue gained. Business growth demonstrates his expertise and status as an industry leader.



Our expertise in these areas allows us to provide complete turnkey services for our clients for a total marketing communication solutions. 

Below are some of our capabilities.  We are constantly expanding this list to better serve our clients’ needs.


  • Corporate Identity

  • Brand Development

  • Promotion Development

  • Market Positioning

  • Advertising

  • Project Management

  • Production

  • Sales Systems

  • Collateral Materials

  • Imaging Kits

  • Event Packaging

  • Event Promotion

  • Product Launch Support

  • Content Development

  • RDS Systems Development

  • Event Management & Marketing

  • Ambush Marketing

  • Exhibits/Trade Show Display System

Interactive & Multi-Media

  • Internet Strategy

  • Technology Planning

  • Digital Branding

  • E-Commerce Design

  • Web Design/Development

  • Multimedia Development

  • Database Development

  • Content Development

  • User Interface Design

  • Web-based Presentations

  • Bluetooth Zone Development

  • Proximity Marketing


  • M-Commerce Design

  • Sales Presentations

Business Intelligence

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Business Plan Development Writing

  • Media Plan Development & Writing

  • Sponsorship Development

We offer services like concept development, market research, product distribution, experiential marketing, best digital marketing, and brand development from conception to collection.

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